Telehealth Information

Due to COVID-19 we are providing counseling services via telehealth

PLATFORM: Tele-Mental Health counseling will be provided by our counselors via ZOOM. ZOOM is a HIPAA compliant platform

TRAINING: Counselors have been researching and assessing best practices in relation to tele-counseling and tele-mental health services. All counselors have received specialized training to ensure this service best serves our students.

LIMITATIONS: Students outside of the State of Minnesota are not able to receive this service as our staff are only licensed in the State of Minnesota. If there are students needing support outside of the state of Minnesota, we are happy to work with them to find resources in their area and will continue phone check-ins.

SCHEDULING: Students can call 218-755-2053, schedule online or reach out to their counselor via email: Amanda Gartner:; Hannah Wilson:

New clients will initially be offered a phone or zoom consultation with one of our counselors to ensure that tele-mental health services are an appropriate intervention for them. We will be happy to work with students on finding the best and most appropriate care during this time whether that is us or someone who is able to provide in-person or more intensive interventions.

  • Changes in Procedure: All clients will be asked to complete a consent form for tele-mental health counseling. This will be emailed to students and their counselor will be able to discuss any questions or concerns they have about the differences between tele-mental health counseling and in-person counseling.