Who can I call if I have medical or counseling questions?

The BSU Health & Counseling phone number is 218-755-2053.

Who may see my health or counseling record?

BSU Health & Counseling follows HIPPA.

The law protects the privacy of medical and counseling records.  No one can see your health or counseling record unless a written authorization is signed by you.  The rare exception would be a court order, an emergency, or your parent/guardian if you are a minor.  Otherwise, your records are not available to your parents, teachers, administrators, or anyone else.  We use a privacy encoded electronic mental health record system. Because we are an integrated service, providers in both BSH Health & Counseling may view your records for the purpose of coordinating your care.

What services are actually available?

BSU Health and Counseling offers primary care for acute or chronic diseases, a variety of lab tests, and prescription medications.  You can visit us for problems ranging from strep throat to minor injuries, from communicable diseases to STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, and from acne to chronic illnesses.  Health maintenance services include physicals, birth control counseling, and some vaccinations.  Crutches, splints, slings, and similar medical supplies are available for purchase or rent.  Referrals for specialty care or X-rays are also given.

Are services at BSU Health and Counseling free?

Health services are available at a reasonable rate and we bill to most insurance companies.  As of July 2019, counseling services are offered without fee.  BSU Health and Counseling is not at BSU to make a profit, but it does need to cover the cost of the supplies, medications and professional services.

Will charges I receive be covered by my insurance?

We submit claims directly to most insurance companies, to see a list click here.  You then only pay for what is not covered.  If you have an insurance we don’t submit to directly, we can give you an itemized statement that can be submitted to an insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Do I need to pay cash for the services when they are received?

No, charges are sent to Accounting Services at BSU on a weekly basis.  The amount you owe will show up on your E Services account.

Do I really need to provide vaccination information to BSU?

Yes, you do.  State law requires students born after December 31, 1956, to provide verification of vaccination.  You do have a 45-day grace period, so you can initially attend classes; after that, the information must be provided before you can register for the next semester.

What about vaccinations that are not required?

BSU Health and Counseling encourages students to be aware of other diseases for which vaccinations are available.  Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines and Flu vaccines are recommended for college students.  These are all available at the center, as are Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and HPV vaccinations.