Mental Health Bites

Mental Health Bites from BSU experts in the form of a zoom podcast where we discuss topics relevant for today’s NTC/BSU students. Meet the Student Center for Health & Counseling staff in today’s episode.


Episode 1: Introduction to MHB

Meet the staff and learn about Mental Health Bites

EP.1 Intro To Mental Health Bites


Episode 2: The Importance of Connection with Dr. Brenda Mack

In today’s episode, Department of Social Work Professor Dr. Brenda Mack discusses the importance of connection and relationships.

Ep.2 The Importance of Connection
Ep. 2 Zoom Recording


Episode 3: Ojibwe Culture with Anne Humphrey

In today’s episode, we talk about Ojibwe Culture and mental health with BSU American Indian Resource Center’s Anne Humphrey.

Ep.3 Ojibwe Culture
Ep. 3 Zoom Recording


Episode 4: Disability Talk with Dr. Dirth

Meet BSU’s Psychology Professor Dr. Dirth, who shares perspective of disabilities and mental health.

Ep.4 Disability Talk
Ep. 4 Zoom Recording


Episode 5: Sex and Relationships with Jenn Fraik

Today, nurse practitioner Jenn Fraik shares tips about sex and relationships and constructive communication.

Ep.5 Sex and Relationships


Episode 6: Meds and Me with Nurse Kristi

Nurse Kristi describes several things she wants every college student to know for preparing for the medical appointment.

Ep. 6 Meds and Me 
Ep. 6 Zoom Recording


Episode 7: Emotions 101 with Dr. Sarah Cronin

Dr. Sarah Cronin, Licensed Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at BSU, gives us the basics of Emotions and how to manage the big ones.

Ep. 7 Emotions 101


Episode 8: Men, Mental Health + Stigma with Dr. Brian Paramore

Dr. Brian Paramore shares thoughts and statistics and helpful tips about the topic of Men and Mental Health and the stigma that sometimes prevents needed services.

Ep. 8 Men, Mental Health + Stigma