Credit/Debit Cards

Before you head to the airport, call your bank and credit card company to let them know where you’ll be traveling and how long you’ll be there.

Most ATMs will accept your US debit/credit card, but communicate with your bank before you leave so they won’t decline the card and put a warning on your account.

Withdrawals and Transaction Fees

Some U.S. credit cards impose a foreign transaction fee when used overseas. Chase and Capital One both offer cards that don’t impose foreign transaction fees; many other banks do as well.

When using an ATM, try withdrawing as much cash as you can safely carry to cut back on transaction fees. Check the back of your debit or credit card to make sure it displays one of the two logos below:

These cards will work with most ATMs worldwide.

If you have an ATM card from a small local bank that does not belong to one of these two worldwide networks, you may have problems withdrawing money overseas. Ask your bank about your options to learn what they can offer you while you’re traveling internationally.

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