Global Health Perspective: China Education Abroad

Bemidji State University students in Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, and Community Health have the opportunity to participate in a 4-credit study-abroad program consisted of 2-credit preparatory coursework in the Spring and 2-credit of immersive learning experience in China in the summer. This program allows students to gain knowledge, experience and perspective of other cultures in relation to health care and medical practices.

To prepare for their trip, students need to enroll in the class “Global Health Perspective in Nursing: China” co-taught by Jo Li, Northstar Visiting Scholar coordinator, and Dr. Jeanine McDermott, associate professor of nursing. This class is designed to prepare students for travel, introduce the Chinese language and expose them to the political, economic and religious views of the country.

Students will visit a traditional medicine hospital, community clinics and attend classes with their Chinese peers. They will learn about a variety of cultural and professional nursing similarities, differences, and issues between traditional medicine and more modern practices.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities and sight-see. They will have opportunities to visit temples, tea plantation, traditional gardens, museums, ancient cities, and other historical sites around the area.

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