UnknownBSU partners with five universities in China, all located near international airports in metropolitan cities with ample public transportation.

Explore exchange programs in Beijing, Shenyang or Weifang. Each city and school has its own unique character, so we urge you to research them all to find the one that is right for you.

Exchange Programs in China

Check out this short video of Erika’s experience of studying at Weifang University and traveling in China:


Travel to/in China

Make sure you learn about Chinese currency and best practices for making purchases before you travel.

Chinese Visas

You can find general information about student passports and visas in our travel guide. Please be aware that China has recently been making changes to their visa application process, so you should work with your advisor to make sure you do it correctly. You can find more information at the China Embassy website.

While in China, be aware that you can usually enter just once on your visa, so you can’t take any trips outside of mainland China to places such as Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan.


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