Housing & Dining

Students at Weifang University will stay in the Foreign Ex-pats series of buildings in WeiDa Hua Yuan.

WeiDa HuaYuan is right across the street from Weifang University, so you will live just a five-minute walk from the University’s south gate. The campus is large, however, and takes 20 minutes to cross, so plan on spending some time walking to class.

Foreign Ex-pat housing includes seven buildings overseen by security guards and cameras. You’ll always need a key to enter your building and apartment.

You will be paired with a roommate, most likely another BSU student. If you’re the only BSU student, you may end up with a roommate from another country.

All apartments come with:

  • 2 fully furnished bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Living room furnished with table, chairs, couch, TV and TV stand
  • Kitchen equipped with gas stove (no oven)
  • Laundry room with a washer and drying rack
  • Wi-fi

Also included in your accommodations are: one set of sheets, a comforter, pillow, some silverware, chopsticks, a couple of bowls and plates, a wok and a water cooler. The tap water is not safe to drink, but water jugs are free.

You’ll need to buy your own towels, any additional pots and pans and toilet paper to carry with you. Public restrooms don’t stock toilet paper, but you can buy small packs of tissues just about anywhere.

If you have problems with your wi-fi, there is a coffee shop (SPR Coffee) just over a block away with free wi-fi.

Where to Eat

If you purchase a meal card and add value to it, you can eat at the campus cafeteria.

Eat for Less Than $10 a Day

Breakfast: As you leave WeiDa HuaYuan, you can get a typical breakfast of HouShou (a meat or vegetable stuffed pastry) or Baozi (steamed dumplings), both of which are delicious.

University South Gate: There’s a great noodle place and a good Chinese BBQ restaurant.

WeiDa HuaYuan East Gate: You and some friends can go to a decent sit down restaurant that serves family style dishes.

University North Gate: Lots of options here, including a Korean restaurant, a street vendor market (very good and very cheap), a chicken hot pot restaurant, pizza, Weifang noodles and lots of dumplings and HouShou.

Weifang_FoodMore Options

A meal at a nicer restaurant, which you can find in and around TaiHua (a major shopping center), may cost $10, which is still pretty cheap. Options in that area include a great Thai restaurant, good pizza, a place called Abacababra where you can eat for 20 RMB ($3.50) and another chicken hot pot restaurant.

If you start craving western cuisine, there is a Pizza Hut and McDonald’s in the area, as well as a Starbucks, which costs the same as in the U.S.

No matter where you go, you’ll find many tasty options in every price range. Don’t worry about not speaking Chinese; many places only serve one item, so you just need to know how to say small, medium or large. Restaurants with many choices usually have photo menus so you can point out what you want to eat.


All the major shopping centers (Walmart, Good Shopping Mall, InZone and TaiHua) include supermarkets, where you can purchase almost anything you need. If you can’t find it at the supermarket, ask a Chinese friend to order what you want off of TaoBao (the Chinese shopping site).

Small convenience stores are everywhere as well, including two at the south gate of the university (along with a fruit and vegetable store), a few at the north gate of the university and one in WeiDa HuaYuan.