Our exchange partner in Malaysia is HELP (Higher Education Learning Program) University, one of the country’s largest private universities, located in Kuala Lumpur.

The purpose of the exchange program is to promote international friendship and world peace, stimulating and supporting intercultural activities and projects among students from US and Malaysia and to promote goodwill between the two institutions especially in the area of student exchange.

About the School

Centrally located in Kuala Lumpur, HELP has about 8,000 students and it offers a wide variety of academic programs and degrees, from bachelor’s to doctoral level programs, in disciplines like Business Administration, Accounting, Law, Management, Economics, Information Technology, the Social Sciences and the Humanities. All course instruction at the undergraduate and gradate level is in English.

About one quarter of HELP students are international students from a wide variety of countries, so you will have plenty of company. HELP also has an International Student Services Department (ISD) that works to enhance the welfare of all international students. The office provides assistance in terms of admission, application, health insurance and renewal of your student visa, if necessary. It also organizes special activities in order to facilitate closer relationships between local students, international students and staff members. These activities include city tours, excursions, barbecue gatherings, festive get-togethers and a sports carnival. Each year ISD organizes an International Students’ Day celebration, usually held in either August or September. You can find more relevant information about international student life at HELP University here:

Admission and Eligibility

Each institution will determine its own method of selecting students for the exchange program and determine how each of its students is likely to benefit from a particular course of study at the host institution. The final admission decision will be determined by the appropriate official body at the receiving institution. Equivalency between courses and programs will be agreed upon in advance for each student for the purpose of awarding academic credit.

No more than two exchange students from each school per semester will be permitted to enroll in courses and programs at the host institution for which they are qualified with the exception of those courses in which places may not be available due to enrollment limitations.

Students enrolled in the host institution will have the same privileges and enjoy the same student services and other amenities as other full-time residence students. They will also be subject to the statutes, ordinances, regulations of the host institution as well as the local, state and federal laws of the region.

The program is based initially on the principles of a direct annual one-to-one exchange of students, each of whom will take the place of his or her partner at the partner’s institution. Some latitude may be provided in allowing for unequal exchange of students as long as the total number of students is relatively equal over a period of five years.

Tuition and Fees

Each student will pay tuition and fees to her own institution as well as such ancillary charges that may be charged by that institution. Exchange students are subject to the same requirements admission and academic performance expectations as established by the host institution.


Each institution will arrange accommodations for visiting students. Students will be responsible for payment of accommodations. The universities will also provide meal option information. The student will be responsible for all food costs.


Credit at the home institution will be determined by the home institution dependent upon the grades received by the students at the host institution. Terms under which credit will be awarded will normally be provided to the exchange students prior to their enrollment. Each exchange student must make arrangements for health/hospitalization insurance while they are the host institution.

Both institutions shall exchange regularly their respective college bulletins and other information pertaining to course programs, fees, calendars and schedules. Each student shall provide an acceptable health affidavit to the host institution designated official prior to admission to the university.


Malaysia HELP Student Application


Cherish Hagen-Swanson
International Program Center
Bemidji State University
Deputy Hall 111
(218) 755-4096