Sallah conducts summer research at South Dakota State

Agbeko Sallah earned a paid research opportunity at South Dakota State University this past summer.

Under the supervision of Dr. William Gibbons, Sallah researched the Detoxification and Optimization of protein enrichment on flax to supplant fish meal using a fungal incubation process. Sallah will be presenting his research at a McNair Conference this spring at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Do you know a potential McNair Scholar?

The McNair office is accepting applications on a rolling basis. The McNair Scholars Program serves students who are first generation, low income or under-represented in graduate education.

In addition, students who have a strong desire to conduct research and continue their education. Throughout their time in the program participants work closely with faculty mentors, take part in graduate preparation seminars, visit graduate school and participate in conferences. Please contact our office if you know a student who meet the qualifications.

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Hackler and Olson present at the University of Washington

McNair Scholars made their debut at the Pacific Northwest McNair/EIP/GO-Map Research Conference this past May at the University of Washington, Seattle with two presenting.

Senior psychology major Jennifer Hackler and senior social studies major Ryan Olson participated in the oral presentation. Hackler presented on Positive Mood Induction with Depictions of Harm while Olson spoke on Materialism and its Effects on College Students’ Values. McNair instructor Miriam Rios Sanchez, Ben Goltz, Haley Johnson, Sierra DeGeest and Gilbert Penaherrera also took in the oral and poster presentation, graduate fair, and graduate school panels. Students interested in attending UW-Seattle has arranged visits with faculty and toured the campus.

Scholars Present at BSU Student Achievement Day 2014

Five scholars represented the McNair Scholars Program at the BSU Student Achievement Day.

Those presenting oral presentations included Jordan Morgan, environmental studies major, presented on the Green Fee Zero Waste Project. Ryan Olson, social studies major, presented on the Materialism and its Effects on College Students’ Values. Also participating in the oral presentations was Jennifer Hackler, psychology major. Her research was done on Positive Mood Induction Through the Depictions of Harm.

Poster presentation were conducted by Haley Johnson, environmental studies major, on Sorption and Slow Release of Food Dye. Agbeko Sallah, Chemistry and Biology major, displayed his poster on the Treatment of Flowback Water from Hydraulic Fracturing.

A special thank you to Dr. Debra Peterson and Dr. Richard Hook for being faculty mentors to Ryan and Jennifer respectively with their McNair Research.