Blackboard Connect

Emergency Notification System

Bemidji State University (BSU) and Northwest Technical College (NTC) contracted with Blackboard Connect, an Emergency Notification System. The multimodal service allows BSU/NTC officials the ability to send emergency voice messages via: landline, cellular telephone, and e-mail messages when circumstances dictate an alert to issue. The Blackboard Connect system is part of the overall campus emergency plan.

Blackboard Connect is only activated when a situation exists that presents an imminent danger to the campus. An “Imminent danger” is defined to be a situation that threatens the immediate safety of the campus community, is not anticipated, and failure to provide such a warning may result in serious harm. Examples of such emergencies may include: a tornado in the Bemidji area, chemical or hazardous material spills, an armed and actively violent person, etc. Blackboard Connect messages are only activated if the situation is determined to be imminent and requires immediate action.

Contact information collected and imputed into the Blackboard Connect system is extracted from information on file in E-Services. The Blackboard Connect system is only used for purposes of emergency communication and will not be sold or used for marketing or any purpose other than emergency communications. “Emergency communications” is defined to be communication that is vital information to help minimize any significant risk to the health and safety of the community.


Blackboard Connect may be activated by: the Vice President for Finance & Administration, Vice President for Student Development & Enrollment, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of Public Safety or his/her full time designees.

Blackboard Connect is tested once a semester to ensure the system is in good working order and to assist campus community members with emergency preparedness in the event of an actual emergency.


  1. Learners, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in Blackboard Connect. Individuals are responsible for providing accurate data. The University assumes no liability or responsibility for improper or outdated data.
  2. Learner data is collected from E-services. Every student must assure that their information in E-services is accurate and current for successful Blackboard Connect notification. Students who would like to edit their contact information should log into MyBSU/MyNTC, click on E-services, click on Account Management and then click on Address Info.
  3. Faculty and staff data is collected from the BSU/NTC Portal. Faculty and staff who would like to edit their contact information should log into MyBSU/MyNTC, go to Settings in the upper right corner and click on Directory/Contact Info.

Note: For those who are being notified by the Emergency Notification System and would like to have their contact information removed from the database, please click here to fill out the ENS Information Update Request form.