Fall 2020 Housing Updates

COVID-10 GUEST/VISITOR Policy Changes for Fall 2020 (Updated September 3, 2020)

We are currently in Phase 2.


  1. Guest/visitor policy changes for fall 2020. 

Due to the nature of the pandemic, we will be having a phase policy with our guests or visitors, this can be changed as needed.  While the phases may be confusing, it was most important for us to have the ability to change, and not be too restrictive if we didn’t need to.  Several schools just went to the NO policy, and we felt that we wanted to give our students (residents of the hall), some flexibility that needs.

These are the following Phases:  We will start this year on Phase 3, and move when it makes sense.

Phase 1:  No guests or visitors in the residence halls. Including other hall students. (this would be if there was an extensive breakout occurring on site, and by guidance from the department of health)

Phase 2:  Limited Guests and Visitation (Other ON-Campus Residents ONLY)

Limited guests and visitors.  Guests are limited to 1 per person, must be escorted by the host resident at all times.  Visitation from 10 am – 10 pm.  No Overnight guests.  Guests can be only from other halls.  Please keep track of your visitors due to contact tracing needs.  This would  be for times when there is extensive spread in the community, and limited spread on campus.

Phase 3: Limited Guests and Visitation (On or Off campus friends or family – no overnight guests)

Limited guests and visitation in the residence halls, guests are limited to 1 per student.  Hours are from 10 am – 2 am, no overnight guests.  Guests must be checked in via email to the residence hall front desk with visitor’s name and phone number to be reached in case of contact tracing needs.

Phase 4: Limited Guests and Visitation (overnight guests allowed)

Limited guests.  Overnight guests are limited to 1 person, no more than 3 guests must be checked in via email to the residence hall front desk with visitor’s name and cell phone number to be reached in case of contact tracing needs.

Phase 5: Standard Guest and Visitation policy

Standard policy.  Guests can only be only 3 nights in a row or 6 nights total a month.

When in guest policy Phase 3, 4.  Please email your front desk account (read by the Hall Director), with the following information:

Julie in 1204 Tamarack, 1 guest: Noah James August 11, 2020.

That’s it.  Don’t need the whole story etc.  oakhall@bemidjistate.edu; tamarackhall@bemidjistate.edu; pinehall@bemidjistate.edu; lindenhall@bemidjistate.edu; birchhall@bemidjistate.edu; cedarhall@bemidjistate.edu UH to universityheights@bemidjistate.edu

DROP & GO is currently happening!  Welcome students and move-in helpers! (Updated August 14, 2020)

When arriving on your Drop & Go date, we will have your keys and lanyard ready for pick up at the Oak Hall front desk or a tent outside – no matter where you are living, get your key at the Oak Hall front desk!  When done, lock your room, and it will be untouched until you return!  Reminder!  MAKE A NOTE! Please remember to bring your key when you return!

Please bring no more than TWO guests (helpers!) who must be 16+ years of age.

We ask that all residents and movers have face masks or coverings in public areas and elevators of the building.   Only one resident/move crew and items may be in an elevator at the same time.

Please stay no more than two hours on campus!

Understand that our staffing is limited and we will not be able to offer a full service experience.  We will not be able to help carry items in.

If you have your own dolly/cart please bring it along (and bring home with you!)  We will have a limited number of carts available.  If carts are available, please follow disinfecting guidelines.

Housing Update – Reduction in on campus housing (Updated August 4, 2020)

BSU has made the extremely difficult decision to offer on-campus housing only to BSU and NTC students who have an on-campus academic class, lab or other experience. These could include, but not be limited to, courses, science labs, music rehearsals and intercollegiate athletics activities or competitions.

BSU regrets having to make these decisions. But we also know you understand that these decisions are made to prioritize the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

You will receive an email letting you know whether you are eligible or not eligible for housing this Fall.


Due to guidance from state and local health officials, we need to reduce our on-campus occupancy.  At this time, we are delaying the Drop & Go process that was previously arranged.  For those that have scheduled a drop-off time slot, DO NOT COME AT THAT TIME. Please watch your BSU email for further updates.


  • There are many uncertainties as we move through summer and into fall, but BSU is currently planning to offer student housing for fall 2020. Please stay tuned to your BSU email account for updates as we will provide them as soon as we can. You can apply for housing at any time following the application instructions. We look forward to seeing you this fall!
  • In the unlikely event that University housing is impacted by the COVID-19 virus and housing is unavailable for Fall 2020, the full prepayment will be refunded to all applicants.
  • Please read the BSU COVID-19 Housing Addendum.
  • All first-year students who live on campus will still participate in the FYRE Program in both Oak and Tamarack Halls and will be housed in single-occupancy rooms for 2020-2021.  Each resident will have their own room.
  • Returning residents that signed up for Birch Hall will also be housed in single-occupancy rooms. Returners in Linden, Pine and University Heights will be housed as they have been in the past.
  • If you have one or fewer in-person classes, and want to stay at home living with family this fall, please send an email stating your decision to cancel your housing contract to Housing and Residential Life at reslife@bemidjistate.edu.  We will cancel your contract and refund any prepayment for housing that you may have made.  Also, you can change your mind at any time and reapply for housing – we will have a room for you should you choose to live on campus any time in the future!
  • We are planning a Drop & Go process for Fall 2020 to continue our efforts of social distancing and keeping our students, their families and our staff safe.  We will also be offering some early arrival dates.  We will communicate our plans to you as soon as decisions are made!

Although there will be many changes this Fall, we want you to start getting excited to move in!  Check out how cool this room looks!  In Oak and Tamarack Halls, your room will have one bed lofted and one bed unlofted when you move in.  You’ll get to decorate all this space for yourself!  Please continue to check back often as we will be posting a video of a room very soon!