First-Year Residential Experience

Meet new friends. Make new memories. Share similar experiences with students who, like you, have just arrived at Bemidji State.

All new first-year students participate in the First-Year Residential Experience program (FYRE), which provides a unique academic and social experience specifically designed for first-year students. Students have the opportunity to live with a roommate in a double room along with other first-year students in Oak or Tamarack Hall. Together you explore BSU and help each other adapt to college life.

You’ll have the chance to learn more about the FYRE program and opportunities when you arrive on campus for the New Student Orientation.

FYRE Benefits

Your FYE course is right in your hall, like this one at Oak.
Your FYE Seminar is held right in your hall, like this one at Oak.
  • An individualized orientation program designed exclusively for FYRE students
  • FYRE sections of the First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminar classes
  • Caring Resident Assistants (RAs) on each floor
  • One Peer Academic Assistants (PAA) living on each floor
  • Students can search for a roommate right in the housing application – the roommate experience is a key part of FYRE
  • Academic Resource Centers (ARC) in Oak and Tamarack Hall
  • FYRE social activities

Activities and Traditions

There is ALWAYS something to do for participants of the FYRE program. Activities include:

Untangle the human knot at the Low Ropes Course.
Untangle the human knot at the Low Ropes Course.
  • A day at the Low Ropes Course
  • Sand Volleyball Games
  • Mocktails (Alcohol-free bar and dance)
  • Haunted Halloween Floors
  • FYRE Barbecues
  • Family Weekend
  • End of Year FYRE banquet

Choose Your Experience

Floor communities for Fall 2022 will be located here:

Area of Interest
All-Male Living
  • Oak 4A
All-Female Living
  • Oak 3A

Co-ed Living


  • Oak 1A-2A
  • Oak 1B-4B
  • Oak 1C-4C
  • Tamarack 2-11
The Arts Learning Community
  • Tamarack 4
Health Sciences Learning Community
  • Oak 2A
Honors Learning Community
  • Oak 2A
Indoor Adventures Learning Community
  • Tamarack 5

Outdoors Learning Community


  • Tamarack 9, 10 & 11