Multicultural Learning

Open your door and experience the world.

The Open Borders Learning Community (OBLC) is a program where students from around the world who are interested in multiculturalism can live together on one floor, learning from one another’s different experiences and perspectives.

OBLC staff includes two students who work with our director to arrange social and educational opportunities that are as diverse as our residents, including:

Share your culture's traditions and values.
Share your culture’s traditions and values.
  • Cultural Dinner Nights
  • International Movie Night
  • Festival of Nations
  • OBLC Mural
  • Costume Party
  • Kite Flying
  • Paintball
  • Bowling Night

Expectations & Benefits

We expect students to exercise patience, sensitivity and curiosity when exploring intercultural issues, and to participate in (and help plan) floor and community activities. In return, students gain:

Festival of Nations
Festival of Nations
  • A cohesive and supportive living environment
  • Increased awareness of global perspectives
  • The opportunity to develop or enhance second language skills
  • Local and international networking opportunities
  • A fun and active place to live

How to Apply

Interested in joining OBLC? Simply select the “Open Borders Learning Community” floor as your first preference on your housing application. Space is limited, so apply early.