Project 20 is a new initiative focused towards students who graduated high school in 2020. This project will focus on building friendships and connections to the Bemidji State University experience.

Who is eligible?

High School Graduates of the class of 2020, students who live in on campus housing for Fall 2021 (and Spring 2022!).  Students who either lived on campus in the past, or will be joining us on campus for the first time (either took last year off, or worked remotely).

What can I expect?

We hope to offer many social experiences to meet different people.  Not JUST other Project 20 members, but others in the Bemidji State community as well.  We will also be encouraging club/organization participation, and attendance at campus events.


Feel like you missed out?  Get a roommate in Birch!  (You can live in any upperclass hall: Linden Suites, Birch singles or doubles, Oak 1st floor, University Heights Apartments.)

Project 20 Orientation – August 20-22, 2021.

Pre-Beaver Org Bash – To get more involved in clubs and organization, and how to lead an organization.

Social Events – We are hoping to have weekly+ events for the first 6 weeks of fall.

Formal Dance – Homecoming events – Day trips – etc.

Want to be involved in planning the events?  We would love to have your input!

If I sign up, do I have to go to everything?

We encourage students to participate in as many programs or events as you can!  There is no additional charge to participate (*unless special fees are needed – skiing, Twins Game, etc.).  All students who fit the criteria of Project 20 will be invited to all major events, with personal decisions whether to attend.  Certain events may have registration requirements so we can plan on the right amount of food.

I would like more information or to volunteer to be a part of the planning committees.

Send an email to