Find all the student organization forms you need right here.

Student Organizations Handbook (PDF)


Forms for a New Club

Sample Constitution and Approval Checklist

This form is to  used to help student organizations create their constitution.

Student Organization Advisor Contract

This form is used when finding a new and/or a replacement advisor.

Budget/Accounting Forms

Student Organization Check Request

Complete this form to draw funds from a student organization on-campus financial account. [Sample]

Cash-Handling Procedures

This form explains what to do with incoming money for your organization.

Student Expense Report 

This form is used to reimburse students who use their personal funds for student organization purposes.

Student Travel and Vehicle Request

This form is used to receive approval to travel on behalf of the university and to request university vehicles.

Organizing and Programming

Event Evaluation Form

This tool is for student organizations to assist in the event evaluation process.

Backward Calendar

Use this as a planning tool to assist in the event planning process.

Poster Information

Lists poster requirements and location of bulletin boards around campus.

Outgoing Officer Report

To be completed by any student officers who are leaving a leadership position within the organization.

Other Forms

Printing Requisition

To to be used at Printing Services. (Available at Printing Services, Memorial 10)