2015-2016 TRIO/SSS Student Awards

The TRIO/SSS faculty hosted a luncheon on April 26th to recognize several outstanding TRIO/SSS graduating seniors.

Back Row: Jacob Stahn, Steve Berard, Sarah Young Front Row: Joshua Hatton, Crystal Cleven, Megan Millmann, Rebekah Pitassi, and Morgan Cunningham
Joshua Hatton, Jacob Stahn, Crystal Cleven, Steve Berard, Megan Millmann, Sarah Young, Rebekah Pitassi, Morgan Cunningham

Morgan Cunningham, Joshua Hatton, Megan Millmann and Rebekah Pitassi were honored with the Spirit of TRIO award. In presenting the award, TRIO director, Kelli Steggall, said all four students exemplified the goals of the TRIO/SSS program including participation in TRIO/SSS, academic achievement, and graduating in a timely manner. “Because of your success and your promotion of the TRIO/SSS program, you advocate for TRIO/SSS and make the program attractive to others. We congratulate you and thank you for all you have done for the TRIO/SSS program,” stated Steggall.


Jacob Stahn and Crystal Cleven
Jacob Stahn and Crystal Cleven

Graduating senior, Jacob Stahn, was recognized as Student of the Year at the luncheon for his outstanding SSS participation, academic achievement, and persistence to graduate in a timely manner.  Jacob’s TRIO/SSS advisor, Crystal Cleven, recalled what Jacob shared in his “Why am I Here” assignment in College Orientation during his first semester at BSU. Jacob’s parents always told him he would go to college, but he did not feel fully ready to be at college his freshman year. Jacob chose BSU because it was where his friend was attending college, and Jacob thought he would transfer after his second year when his friend left with an associate’s degree.

Crystal went on to say, “It’s wonderful how plans change.  Jacob didn’t transferto a different school- instead he stayed at BSU, took additional TRIO classes, changed his major a couple of times, utilized TRIO/SSS tutoring, made a point to always stay in touch with our TRIO/SSS staff, got a job in town at Kelsey’s, matured from a kid who wasn’t fully ready to be here to a wonderful young man, and is now graduating with a Marketing Communications degree.  You represent TRIO/SSS well!  Congratulations, Jacob, on being named TRIO/SSS Student of the Year.”

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