2014-2015 Student Awards

The following students were recognized for their academic achievement, university involvement and dedication to the TRIO Student Support Services program and BSU on April 21, 2015.

Most Successful Freshman

For Academic Achievement And University Involvement

Bailey Lindbom and Steve Berard Not pictured: Jay Dickman

Bailey Lindbom and Jay Dickman both did many things the right way to make their first year at BSU successful. Their dedication to achieving their academic goals was evident in the following ways:

  • Having perfect class attendance
  • Sitting up front, staying focused and engaged in class, and participating in class discussions
  • Completing all assignments and turning them in on time
  • Taking advantage of TRIO tutoring and advising
  • Overcoming challenges

Most Involved Participant

For Outstanding Participation In Trio SSS

Chelsey Trettel and Sarah Young

Chelsey Trettel has been actively involved at BSU since her freshman year when she took all three TRIO classes and served on the freshman floor activities committee for her dorm floor.

Since then she has served as a teaching assistant in Sarah Young’s College Orientation and Life Career Planning classes. In addition to actively participating in and advocating for TRIO, Chelsey has helped organize the mental health and straight talk panel and has presented at the straight talk panel.

She is currently a Community Assistant in Oak hall and will be again next year. Chelsey recently became a member of the BSU Task Force on Alcohol and Student Safety.

Program Ambassador

For Sharing The Trio SSS Experience And Actively Promoting The Program

Abby Greene and Kelli Steggall

Abby Greene has become a solid spokesperson for TRIO.

In addition to taking all three TRIO courses, she is a regular teaching assistant for TRIO College Orientation. She represented TRIO Students Support Services when she helped teach a literary class for high school Upward Bound students.

Abby has also presented about TRIO to various groups and she confidently explains the TRIO program and services to other students.

Student Of The Year

For Exemplary SSS Participation, Academic Achievement And University/Community Involvement

Kelli Steggall, Kendra Vizenor, Sarah Young

Kendra Vizenor was notable as a freshman in TRIO classes for her bubbly, energetic approach to life and constant smile on her face.

When learning about her strengths – one of them being WOO – Crystal Cleven encouraged her to apply for a job in the Admissions Office as a University Ambassador. Crystal knew Kendra would be great at giving tours of the university and would represent BSU well. In addition to promoting BSU to potential new students, Kendra always “sold” TRIO to students and families and has been a strong advocate for the TRIO program.

Kendra also served as a teaching assistant for both Crystal Cleven and Sarah Young in TRIO classes where she always had something significant to add to the conversation. Kendra has reached her academic goals and is graduating with a degree in business administration. We are confident she will be a great alumnus of TRIO and will continue to share information about the program.