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Worry No More!

Worrying is something we all do and with the end of the academic year approaching worrying can contribute to our lack of productivity. Whether you are waiting to receive ACT scores, are anxious about graduating and leaving for college, or are just hoping to work hard enough to maintain you B honor roll status, there […]

Meet Your Summer RA Staff!

Hi! My name is Sarah, I’m from New Prague, Minnesota, and I’m majoring in English Education. My hobbies include spending time outside, either walking on trails or reading a good book, and watching Netflix (it really changes day by day, but usually I’m doing one of those things). I also like to watch Tasty videos […]

Vitamin D and You

Ever gotten a good night sleep, and then been ready to go back to bed at 10:30am? Feeling grumpy despite the best of your ability? Random aches and pains? There’s a chance that you could be deficient in Vitamin D! The CDC calls it, “the invisible epidemic” – millions of people across the world are […]

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