Interested in becoming a writing consultant?

You should be!

Working as a writing consultant is rewarding work that helps you develop communication, writing, and leadership skills. Writing consultants help students at any point in the writing process for any type of writing on which they are working. In the process consultants learn more about the conventions and practices of writing in different disciplines, improve their own writing, and constantly learn new things.

What you can gain from a writing tutor position:

  • a paid position at the Writing Resource Center
  • experience with writing that will help you get internships and jobs in your area of study
  • a good source for letters of recommendation
  • elective credits for a Writing emphasis or degree

Requirements for prospective tutors:

  • All of our tutors take ENGL 3510 (or the equivalent graduate level course) their first semester at the WRC.
  • ENGL 3510 is a variable credit / practicum based course.
    The number of hours worked in the center during the first semester is dependent upon the number of credits for which you enroll. At the end of the course, consultants who have earned an A in the course become eligible for a paid position in the WRC.
  • have at least sophomore status, or permission of the director, with a 3.0 GPA
  • have good communication skills
  • be familiar with the conventions of research and writing in your discipline
  • be willing to learn more about writing, in general and in specific disciplines

Application process:

  • Submit application packet to WRC Director Dr. Prabin Lama (BG 206).
    Application Packet:

    • Cover Letter addressing why you would like to be a writing consultant
    • Resume
    • Writing Sample: 5-7 pages of argument-based writing
    • Copy of your Spring 2020 schedule.

Please contact Dr. Lama with any questions.