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Student Employment

Work-Study awards may be made to students with remaining unmet need after all scholarships and grants have been considered. Late outside scholarships and monetary awards will reduce loan eligibility first before affecting Work-Study. Work-Study funds are limited and awards are made until funds are exhausted. If Federal or State Work-Study is awarded, you will receive a “Student Work-Study Eligibility Certificate” as part of your award notice. This certificate allows you to seek Work-Study employment on campus for the amount indicated. It is your responsibility to apply for and secure a Work-Study position. The certificate does not guarantee you a position or that you will earn the awarded amount specified. If Work-Study is not a part of your aid package, you may still seek on-campus employment under the Regular Payroll Program. These are non-financial aid jobs. To obtain a regular payroll job, you must contact the various departments directly. Regular Payroll and Work-Study earnings are paid to students on the bi-weekly student payroll system based upon an hour’s pay for an hour’s work. The starting wage rate is currently $8.00 per hour. Pay increases are given after accruing 250, 500, 750, and 1000 hours of work. After working on campus for 1000 hours, you will reach the top of the pay scale, which is currently $9.00 an hour. Helpful information on how to find a job on campus as well as vacancy postings may be found on our website: and may contact these departments directly to inquire about vacancies. If you are unable to find a job or do not have time to work, you should contact the Financial Aid Office. Students may consider a loan as an alternative to work.