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Student Code Of Conduct 

Section II: Code of Student Conduct  

The Code of Conduct governing the behavior of students of Bemidji State University:

  • Insures the basic rights of individuals and reflects the practical necessities of the community, 
  • Prohibits and limits acts which interfere with the basic purposes, necessities, or processes of the University, or with the rights of its members, and 
  • Reconciles the principles of maximum freedom and necessary order.

Statement of Responsible Behavior 

Students will adhere to federal, state, local, State University Board and Bemidji State University laws / regulations that govern individual actions and relationships among university members for the common good. 

Students will work as honest and respectful partners with the University in fulfilling its academic and administrative mission and responsibilities, fulfilling their academic endeavors in an honest and forthright manner. 

Students will speak and listen to others with care, seeking personal understanding and maintaining respect and civility. 

Students will respect and protect the personal privacy, rights, and safety of others with regard to physical and sexual boundaries, living space, possessions, electronic accounts and academic endeavors. 

Behaviors that violate these responsibilities and may result in Student Conduct action are contained within the following Student Code of Conduct: 

  1. Violation of written policies or regulations contained in any official publication or administrative announcement of the MnSCU Board or Bemidji State University. This includes, but is not limited to, the State University Internal Rules, BSU Student Handbook, Policies and Procedures Manual, Residential Life Agreement terms, Residence Halls Agreement terms, Catalog, etc. 
  2. Violation of local, state, or federal law on University property, or off-campus when such violation of the law is directly related to the University Community.
  3. Academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to, cheating and plagiarism. (See Academic Integrity Policy and Related Policies and Procedures in the BSU Student Handbook.) 
  4. Disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, or other University activities, including its public service functions on or off campus, or other authorized non-university activities when the conduct occurs on University premises. 
  5. Knowingly furnishing false information to the University or other similar forms of dishonesty in University-related affairs, including knowingly making false oral or written statements to any University Conduct Board or Student Conduct Officer. 
  6. Forgery, alteration, destruction, or misuse of University documents, records, identification cards, or papers. 
  7. Failure to comply with directions of, or to present identification to, University officials or law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties. This includes failure to comply with conditions of sanctions resulting from previous University conduct action. 
  8. Unauthorized entry into or use of University facilities or equipment, or unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys to any university premises. 
  9. Use, possession or carrying of firearms (including, but not limited to, pistols, rifles, air guns, shotguns, or ammunition), incendiary devices, smoke devices, hand bills, dangerous knives, explosives, bows and arrows, or other dangerous weapons while on University owned or controlled property, or at University-sponsored or supervised activities, except by authorized law enforcement officers and other persons specifically authorized by the University. (Regarding recent new Minnesota "conceal and carry" gun legislation, it is specifically noted that MnSCU and BSU policy prohibit students from possessing or carrying a firearm while on University property, regardless of whether the student has a permit to carry a firearm, except as otherwise provided by MnSCU or BSU policy. The full MnSCU policy may be accessed electronically.)
  10. Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, except as permitted by law and University policy. (See Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.) 
  11. Unauthorized use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drugs and / or drug paraphernalia. (See Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.) 
  12. Theft of, damage to, or unauthorized use of property of the University or property of any of its members or visitors. 
  13. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, or harassment of a person including but not limited to stalking, defamation, intimidation or harassment through other persons, or use of electronic or other communication devices such as video, computers or telephones. 
  14. Conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of a person, to include oneself. 
  15. Engaging, individually or in concert with others, in sexual misconduct; i.e. non-consensual physical conduct of a sexual nature including but not limited to domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual physical abuse, rape or any other form of sexual assault, or threat of sexual violence. (In compliance with MnSCU policy 1B.3 and procedure 1B3.1, a separate investigative and decision making process has been established at Bemidji State University for review of complaints of sexual violence. See the Student Handbook page on Sexual Violence Note: Consent does not exist when acts are committed by force, intimidation, coercion, or through use of authority, or the victim's mental or physical incapacity even if that lack of capacity is chemically self induced. The expectation is that consent is clear and mutual. 

  16. Conduct that is disorderly, lewd, or indecent; breach of peace; or aiding, abetting, or procuring another person to breach the peace on University premises or at functions sponsored by, or participated in by, the University or members of the academic community.

  17. Gambling for money or other things of value, except as permitted by law.
  18. Hazing: An act which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a person, subjects a person to public humiliation or ridicule, or which destroys or removes public or private property for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a student group or organization. Hazing, whether occurring on or off campus, shall be considered a violation of this code.
  19. Discrimination/Harassment. (In compliance with MnSCU policy 1B.1 and procedure 1B1.1, a separate investigative and decision making process has been established at Bemidji State University for review of complaints of discrimination and/or harassment. (See the Student Handbook page on Harassment and Discrimination.)

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