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Academic Integrity Policies

Statement of Integrity and Personal Responsibility

Bemidji State University fosters the highest standards of integrity and personal responsibility in all areas of university life. Honesty, integrity and responsibility begin with the self and extend to others in the university environment and in the community at large. In an environment of honesty and personal responsibility, students, faculty and staff are open to critical thinking. This includes the content and ethics of scholarship, assessing the impact of particular actions and ideas upon the lives of others, and applying such considerations to their work and their social relationships with others. Acting with integrity involves cultivating an ability to make difficult choices; to hear the voice of another; and to accept responsibility for our actions (Center for Academic Integrity 1999). 

Honesty, integrity and trust are central to the university workplace. Breaches of this trust, including misrepresentation, lying, fraud, theft, sexual harassment, hazing and intimidation are unacceptable behaviors. This also includes the attempt by students, faculty or staff to present as their own work achievements not actually performed by them. In classroom activities, this would include collusion, fabrication and cheating on examinations, papers or course work; in particular knowingly plagiarizing the work of others; duplicating, sharing or selling examinations without permission; producing work for others who claim it as their own; knowingly furnishing false or misleading information to university officials or on academic records; and unauthorized entrance, alteration or tampering with electronic files either personal or university owned. 

Behaviors of this nature are considered breaches of academic integrity, and destructive to the larger mission of the University. Students, faculty and staff who violate University standards are subject to University sanctions as appropriate. For students this may include, after review, failure on specific assignments, examinations and courses; and possible suspension and expulsion from the University. 

The University believes that cultivating honesty, responsibility and academic integrity lays the foundation for lifelong learning and personal growth. 

(BSU Academic Integrity Committee, Spring 2002)

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