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Campus Policies

Computer Use Policy

Principles of Acceptable Use
Access to and the responsible use of modern information resources are essential to the pursuit and achievement of excellence at BSU. The university encourages appropriate use of e-mail to enhance productivity through the efficient exchange of information for research. Use of these resources must be consistent with these goals. As responsible members of the BSU community, students are expected to act in accord with the following general principles based on the acceptable law as well as common sense, common decency and civility applied to the networked computing environment. 

  1. Messages sent as electronic mail should meet the same standards for distribution or display as if they were tangible documents or instruments. Identify yourself clearly and accurately in all electronic communications. Concealing or misrepresenting your name or affiliation to dissociate yourself from responsibility for your actions is never appropriate. Alteration of the course of electronic mail, message or posting is unethical and may be grounds for discipline. One test of appropriateness would be to never "say" anything via e-mail that you would not be willing to say directly to a person.
  2. Be sensitive to the inherent limitation of shared network resources. No computer security system can absolutely prevent a determined person from accessing stored information, and BSU cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of electronic documents.
  3. Respect the rights of others. Do not send threatening or harassing materials. You may not use the University's electronic communication system in a manner that violates the University's policies or applicable laws against discrimination or harassment including policy and laws against sexual harassment. The same standards or conduct expected of students regarding the use of telephones, libraries and other institutional resources apply to the use of e-mail. You will be held no less accountable for your actions in situations involving e-mail than you would be in dealing with other media.
  4. It is unacceptable to use the University's system to engage in wasteful and disruptive practices, such as creating or sending "chain letters," "broadcast" messages or unwanted material, "flaming" or overloading a system. This effort is consistent with existing practices governing other forms of communication on campus including telephone calls, bulletin board postings, the mass distribution of flyers and the use of intra-campus mail services.
  5. Those using e-mail for legitimate purposes should be careful. Other examples of inappropriate personal use of the system include; wagering, and fund-raising for any purpose unless University sanctioned.
  6. E-mail and other network resources may not be used for commercial purposes or for personal financial gain. To do so would be a violation of Minnesota state law.
  7. You are expected to abide by the security restrictions on all systems and information to which you have access. Activities that interfere with or disrupt network users, equipment or services are prohibited.
  8. Students found abusing computer facilities, or using the equipment without permission, or using the equipment for non academic, recreational purposes, or copying copyright protected software will be subject to disciplinary action.

For more information about acceptable use, please consult the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Procedure 5.22.1, Acceptable Use of Computers and other Information Technology Resources.

The procedures include information on acceptable use for system employees, to include student employees of Bemidji State University.