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Campus Policies

Facility Use

The University permits the use of its facilities by student organizations, individual students and the public. University activities are given priority on use of facilities over individual students or outside groups. 

Individuals or groups desiring to use space must make a request to the scheduling office, Hobson Memorial Union. Nominal charges may be made if the event requires special equipment and/or extended building hours. 

The reservationist shall approve applications properly completed unless there is reason to believe: 

  1. The facility is inadequate or inappropriate for the planned event. 
  2. The organization is under disciplinary penalty prohibiting its use of University facilities. 
  3. The proposed use includes an activity which would violate state laws, city ordinance or University policy. 
  4. The proposed use would constitute an immediate or potential danger to the peace or security of the University that available law enforcement officers could not control or would disrupt or disturb other scheduled programs. 
  5. The proposed activity would constitute an unauthorized or unacknowledged joint sponsorship with a private individual or organization. 
  6. The use of sound trucks or other sound amplification equipment is prohibited on University property except when special permission has been given in accordance with University policy and guidelines for a scheduled event.