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Campus Policies

Residential Living Requirement

First-year students who are one-year removed from high school graduation and international students who are classified as unmarried and an undergraduate must reside (as space is available) in university housing until completion of their first academic year at Bemidji State University. All first-year and international students will be required to make application for university housing unless the student is subject to one of the exemptions below.

Certain first-year students will be automatically exempt from this policy but must provide documentation that one of the following criteria is met:

  1. First-year students who are 21 years of age at least ten days prior to the start of fall term
  2. First-year students who will be living with parent(s) or legal guardian(s), within 50 miles of Bemidji State University, during the academic year will be exempt from this policy. Student must provide verification.
  3. Current active military or veteran’s status-student must verify by submitting a copy of the DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (if a veteran) or written proof of current military active duty.
  4. Married and/or with legally dependent children, copies of legal documentation will be required to accompany the exemption form request.

Other criteria that may be considered after review of an exemption request include:

  1. Independent student status-student must have been declared an independent student for the past two calendar years and not claimed by their parent(s) during the same period.
  2. Limited credit student-students carrying less than six credits each semester of the academic year.
  3. Medical and disability circumstances-exemption requests for medical or disability reason will be forwarded to the Office of Disabilities. This office will render a decision and notify the Residential Life Office.
  4. Other-where it can be demonstrated that special circumstances exist which would create a substantial personal hardship which is exacerbated by living on campus and cannot be remedied by alternative means. Verification of special circumstances will be required.