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Campus Policies


Undergraduate tuition is banded from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) credits, meaning that students pay one rate for 12-18 credits. Tuition is charged per credit up to eleven credits (11) and above eighteen (18) credits.  This does not apply to summer term or graduate credits, which continue to be charged on a per credit basis. Certain programs and courses may also be subject to a differential tuition rate.  These programs and courses are noted in the semester course schedule. Tuition and fees are payable in full each semester and payment is required by the posted date in accordance to MnSCU policy. Tuition amounts, deadlines and late payment penalties are provided on the Bemidji State University Business Services website.

Online Differential Tuition: ($30/credit).  The online differential tuition is charged on all ONLINE credits and is used to support all online and web-enhanced course development and delivery, including the licensing of Desire2Learn, and faculty and student technical support services.

Off Campus Differential Tuition: ($10/credit)  The off campus course differential is charged on all credits offered through Extended Learning that are not delivered entirely online and is used to support courses offered at off-site locations (including support services at extended locations) and also covers the costs of mailing course materials, including exams and lab kits as appropriate.