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The aims and goals of the International Students Organization are:

  • the development of mutual and cultural understanding among students of all countries;
  • the promotion of fraternal cooperation among its members;
  • the assisting of practical orientations to all new international students accepted to Bemidji State University;
  • and to make a tangible contribution towards global understanding. 

Article I

The name of the organization shall be the International Student Organization (ISO) of Bemidji State University.

Article II

Section I

Membership is open to all students of Bemidji State University who have an interest in, and desire to participate in the activities of the organization.

Section II

Classification of members

a) Members – The members are all students who have paid-up memberships. Members are expected to attend all meetings and be allowed to vote on al matters brought before the organization. Members are expected to be actively involved in the organization’s projects and activities. They will enjoy certain privileges in the organization.

b) Associate members – The Associate members will not have the rights to vote and will not be responsible for dues.
All Associate members must participate in at least one meeting and major event for the academic year. All activities of the organization are open to associate members
Article III

Section I

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Communications Director
  6. Cultural Director
  7. Social Director
  8. Sport Director

The Executive Committee member shall serve for one year starting June 1st. The Executive Committee must be members of the ISO.  

Section II


    2. To run for a position on the Executive Committee;
      1. The candidate must be nominated by a full member
      2. The candidate must be a member at the time if nomination.
      3. The candidate must be not be on the election committee of the annual election.
    3. The Executive Committee shall be elected by members.
    4. All elections must be held by secret ballot.
  1. Annual Election:
    1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for appointing an election Committee which shall consist of no more than one member from the Executive Committee.
    2. The Election Committee shall be responsible for planning, conducting, and setting up a proper procedure for an election.
    3. The Annual Election shall be held during Spring Quarter for the following academic year.
  2. Special Election:
    1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for all Special Elections in the event that a vacancy occurs.

Section III

The Executive Committee shall have the right to vote on behalf of the members on binding matters of the organization.

  • The voting shall be a simple majority vote. No proxy and/or absentee votes will be accepted.
  • In case of a tie, the President shall vote to break the tie.

Section IV

Responsibilities of Officers:

  1. President:
    1. He/She shall preside at all general meetings.
    2. He/She calls the meeting to order and announces business of the organization at each meeting.
    3. He/She directs discussion by calling people to order.
    4. He/She acts as the official representative of the organizations to outside persons or to other constituencies.
    5. He/She shall appoint all committees.
    6. He/She shall call for a Special Election when a vacancy occurs in an elected office (If there is only a month prior to the end of the academic years no elections shall be called).
    7. He/She shall vote only on case of a tie.
  2. Vice President:
    1. He/She shall oversee all committees and projects.
    2. He/She shall preside at all meetings of the organization during the absence or disability of the President. When acting as such he/she has all the duties, privileges, and responsibilities of the President.
    3. He/She shall be the assistant to the President.
    4. He/She shall become the President of the organization automatically in the event of the President’s resignation. If he/she does not accept the position, it will be open to all members. However, he/she shall be the acting President for the organization until a new President is elected.
  3. Secretary:
    1. He/She shall keep the minutes of the general meetings of the organization, and preserve all records, reports, and documents of the organization in the ISO office.
    2. He/She shall make minutes accessible to all members— the method to be determined by the executive Committee.
    3. He/She shall prepare a roll call of all members.
    4. He/She shall conduct all correspondence of the organization.
  4. Treasurer:
    1. He/She shall receive all payments to the organization.
    2. He/She shall keep accurate accounts of the organization and prepare a financial report to be presented at the end of each semester.
    3. He/She shall submit a financial statement to the President and the auditor at the end of each semester.
    4. He/She shall issue receipts for all funds received.
    5. He/She shall automatically be the signatory of the organization.
  5. Communications Director:
    1. He /She shall be responsible for all communications pertinent to the organization.
    2. He/She shall be responsible for the publicity of the organization to the university and communit
  6. Cultural Director:
    1. He/She shall be responsible for overseeing and promoting cultural events related to ISO.
    2. He/She act as the liaison to he International Student Advisor Office regarding cultural activities.
    3. He/She shall be a representative to the Student Senate on MCIA (Minority, Cultural, and International Affairs) Committee.
  7. Social Director:
    1. He/She shall be responsible for coordinating social activities of the organization.
    2. He/She shall be responsible for promoting members participation in social activities.
  8. Sport Director:
    1. He/She shall be responsible for coordinating and promoting sports vents pertinent to ISO.
    2. He/She shall be responsible for handling sports equipment.

Section V

The International Student Advisor shall act as the advisor of the organization.

Section VI


  1. He/She shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and approved by the members with a simple majority vote.
  2. He/She shall audit the ISO accounts at the end of each semester.
  3. He/She shall present the auditor’s report to the Executive Committee at the end of the semester.
  4. He/She is expected to have bookkeeping background.

Article IV

Section I

Financial Management

  1. At the first general meeting:
    1. A proposed administrative budget shall be voted upon by the members
    2. A proposed petty cash budget shall be voted upon by the members.
  2. The budget for any project/event that exceeds the petty cash amount shall be approved by the members.

Article V

Section I

Membership Fees
The membership fees shall be paid by each member on a semester basis. This fee will be assessed and determined by the incoming Executive Committee each year and a proposal shall be presented for approval of members at the beginning of each academic year.

Article VI

Section I

Two thirds of the members shall form a quorum to discuss and/or vote on binding matters of the organization. However, under special circumstances, with the approval of members present, the discussion can take place and the voting shall be a simple majority vote.