Watch KBSU on channel 17!

KBSU Television is a closed circuit television station serving the Bemidji State University campus. KBSU is also available throughout Bemidji on both Paul Bunyan and Charter Cable television services.

KBSU is managed and run completely by students, most of which are majors in Mass Communication. Students decide what programming to produce, what programming to air and when to air it. Students are also in charge of all advertisements that are run on the station.

Student production includes the exclusive television broadcast of Bemidji State University sports. Football, men's and women's hockey, and men's and women's basketball can be seen on channel 17 throughout the school year. KBSU also broadcasts college-oriented programming through their affiliates National Lampoon Network and Zilo TV. KBSU broadcasts student-produced programming as well. They broadcast college lectures, recitals, variety shows, talk shows and more.

KBSU has been upgraded in recent years with the addition of two new sets for the studio. The main set was donated to the school by CBS affiliate KCCO 7/12. The sports set was built by volunteers and the desk was also received from KCCO. KBSU also recently installed new equipment such as the upgraded audio board and new computers in the control room. These new computers allow us to automate our broadcast.

KBSU's sports department has also upgraded much of their equipment in recent years. The department has recently added three robotic cameras in the John Glas Fieldhouse for the live broadcasting of hockey games. These cameras give extended angles to the filming of the games. Also added was a new switcher, which allows for more a professional looking broadcast in viewing and in working. New digital video decks for improved instant replay were added as well.

KBSU has many opportunities for students at BSU to participate in a television experience.

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