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Advising Success Center


Advising Success Center
Sanford 101
Phone: (218) 755-4226
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Mailing Address:
1500 Birchmont Dr. NE #44
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Frequently asked questions

I am not sure who my academic advisor is, how do I find out?

Your academic advisor is assigned based on your major area of study. If you have not declared a major, your FYE instructor will be assigned as your advisor. Advisors are listed on the Degree Audit Report (DARS). You can access your DARS report through e-services by logging into the MyBSU Portal. If you have questions or need additional information, please stop by the Advising Success Center in Sanford 101 or email us.

Everyone talks about something called a DARs report (Degree Audit Report), what is it and where can I find it?

The DARS report is an advising tool designed to help students and those they work with understand academic requirements for degree or program completion. The DARS report is available online through your e-services account by logging into the MyBSU Portal. The DARS report is also utilized as the graduation plan. A copy of your DARS report is submitted with "Graduation Application Summary" within two semesters of your graduation term. 

How can I change my major?

Students may change their major at any time. In fact, it is estimated that 75-80% of students change their majors and many do so more than once. Change-of-Major forms are available on line at or from the Records Office located in Deputy Hall. When these changes are completed, they will be also changed on your DARS report.

How can I change my advisor?

Students may change their advisor at any time.To change advisors, students need to speak to the faculty member they would like to advise them and then complete an Advisor Change Form and submit it to the Advising Success Center located in Sanford 101. When these changes are completed, they will be also changed on your DARS report.

What is liberal education and how does it affect me?

Liberal education is a core group of courses that provide students with learning experiences across academic disciplines. All students are required to take a minimum of 42 credits in eleven different categories. Each category has a minimum credit and course requirement. Your DARs report will list the categories and what courses you may take to fulfill each category. If you have questions about liberal education, please speak to your academic advisor or stop by the Advising Success Center in Sanford 101.

How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

It is important for you to make an appointment to see your advisor early in your attendance at BSU. You may contact them by going to the online directory at or finding them in the directory and going to their office. It is always recommended that you set up an appointment so that you can have an appropriate amount of time to spend with them to answer your questions.

What is an advisor access code and how do I get one?

Each semester, students are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration.  At this meeting, students will be given their advisor access code. Each semester your advisor access code is different to ensure that students and advisors meet.  If you have tried to schedule to meet with your advisor and have not been able to do so or if you have questions regarding your advisor access code, you may contact the Advising Success Center at 218.755.4226 or stop by Sanford 101.

When should I see my advisor?

Even though all students are required to see their advisor prior to pre-registration, it is recommended that you start the relationship much sooner than that. The first two to three weeks of the term is not too early to begin to see your advisor. Your faculty advisor is available to guide you through the exploration and decision-making processes necessary to reach your academic, career and life goals.  You should also meet with your advisor to discuss schedule changes or before you choose to drop any classes. If you are thinking of changing your major, your academic advisor can give you information that may help you make that decision.  Get to know when your advisor has scheduled office hours and make an appointment to see them. Always be on time for any scheduled appointments. Your advisor's email address may be found in the BSU directory.

How do I prepare to meet with my advisor?

  1. Read the undergraduate catalog to become familiar with policies, procedures, course offerings, academic programs, etc. Have questions you have ready so you can ask your advisor.
  2. Keep copies of your schedules, forms, grade reports, evaluations, receipts and other documents you might need for future reference. Bring them with you in case you need to refer to them when you see your advisor.
  3. Be prepared. For example if you are discussing pre-registration, read through the class schedule and prepare a tentative course schedule. If you are discussing academic progress, bring an unofficial copy of your transcript and/or your DARS report. Both of these may be found in your e-services account.
  4. Your advisor is one of the most important links to your success as a student here at BSU. Take advantage of the opportunity to develop the relationship.
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