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Apply for Services

Students with a documented disability who wish to access accommodations should fill out the Intake Form and the Release Authorization form (see links below).  They should be submitted to the Coordinator, Disability Services Office several weeks prior to the start of the student's first term at Bemidji State University.  It may take as long as 6-8 weeks for a student to be approved for disability accommodations due to the time it takes to receive documentation and medical information from doctors and clinics.  Start the process early.

Once the information is received in the Disability Services Office, the file will be reviewed to determine if a disability exists and what accommodations are appropriate for the student to be able to access information and material at the university.  It is strongly recommended that the student contact the office to determine the status of their file two or three weeks after they submit paperwork.

It would be appropriate for potential students to contact their physicians and therapists and explain that they are planning to go to postsecondary education and that documentation of their disability is required.  It has happened that doctors have refused to document a student's condition for a variety of reasons.  It would be helpful for you to explain to your doctor that this is critical for services at the university.

The Intake form and Release Authorization form are located on the Forms Page under Forms.