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Appointments & Eligibility


To avoid long waiting periods appointments are encouraged. Urgent care (walk-ins) will be accommodated as time allows. Call or stop by during office hours to make an appointment.


Counseling Services (218) 755-2024
Health Services (218) 755-2053


Counseling Services

Enrolled BSU students who are registered for at least one class either on-campus or online are eligible for counseling services.

Health Services

Enrolled BSU students who are registered for at least one (3 credit) on campus class are eligible for health services.  NTC students are eligible for Health Services if they register for the Health Service Class.  The SCHC does not provide care for dependents of students or for faculty and staff members.


Counseling Services

Counseling services will be offered on a fee for service basis beginning Fall 2011. 

Health Services

Some services are available at no cost; others are available at a very reasonable fee.  Costs for prescription medication and laboratory work done at the Student Health Service are very reasonable.  Charges incurred will be submitted to your insurance company.  See insurance information below.


You do not have to pay at the time of your visit. Any charges will be sent to the Cashier's Office and you will be billed on your E services account. Payment is made at the Cashier's Office in Deputy Hall. If the bill is not paid, you may not be allowed to register for the next semester, and/or may not receive grades until the charges are cleared.


Students are strongly encouraged to carry health insurance. Insurance has become a requirement per the Affordable Care Act.