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People and the Environment

People and the Environment is a course at Bemidji State University. All undergraduates must complete this course to earn a degree. This interdisciplinary course is offered in a variety of formats all of which focus on environmental problems and their global and regional causes. The impacts of these problems on different people, cultures, and global society as a whole will be addressed from varying perspectives rooted in different values and worldviews. All course offerings provide a forum for discussion, debate, and critical evaluation. This course satisfies the Liberal Education requirement for an interdisciplinary environmental issues course (Area VII).

The major purpose of this course is to heighten awareness of current environmental challenges and of the complex interconnections between natural and human systems. Students will integrate various disciplinary perspectives on environmental problems and potential solutions and will employ critical thinking skills in reflecting on values-based and ethical dimensions of environmental decision-making. Students will gain an understanding of biogeochemical processes in the environment and of the social, cultural, and economic influences shaping human impacts on the environment. In light of these impacts, possible changes in these institutions will be considered.

Ecological Footprint

Find out your impact on the environment.  We all use resources, but just how many do YOU use compared to others?  Use this website to find out!


Traditional Skills Workshops

The Traditional Skills Workshops started in Fall of 2009. The thought process behind them are to educate people on how to sustain themselves. Anyone can teach these classes. If you're passionate about something you do in your life and want to share it with others, then you qualify to teach a Traditional Skills Workshop! 

In the past, there have been workshops such as, traditional games, natural t-shirt dying, homemade cleaning products, mushrooming, beekeeping, spinning your own yarn, and traditional hide tanning. If you have any ideas or something you would love to learn about, some in the Sustainability Office and let us know!

"The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves."
~ Rachel Carson