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"Fortunately, the campus community understands that the burning of fossil fuels is impacting climate in unprecedented ways, that fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource, and that we must develop a long-term approach to responsible climate behavior." - Erika Bailey-Johnson (Strategic Plan)

Real Time Energy Dashboards

BSU recently purchased three dashboards that show the current energy usage of the three buildings they are in; Hobson Lower Union, Deputy Hall, and Linden Hall. The dashboards are interactive and touch screen, that display some of the current projects that the Sustainability Office is working on-Check them out!

Schools Cutting Carbon Grant

Bemidji State received the Schools Cutting Carbon Grant in December of 2009. With the money from the grant, along with other donations, BSU retrofitted the light fixtures in the John Glas Fieldhouse gym, the Bangsberg theater, and the faculty building, Deputy. 


A group of students on campus worked to get the ReRev equipment in the BSU recreation center. ReRev is a device that was put on some of the ellipticals. The kinetic energy generated from the ellipticals can be converted into DC (Direct Current) and send to the ReRev system.  Unfortunately, the ReRev system did not work properly on our machines, causing the machines to slip.  The ReRev project was decommissioned in the spring of 2013.


The Sustainability Office is involved in a few competitions throughout the year to motivate students, faculty, and staff to reduce energy on campus. Do It in the Dark is an energy saving competition between all of the residence halls on campus sponsored by Students for the Environment. The competition is usually scheduled for the month of February and includes many strategies to educating students on reducing consumption. The residence hall that reduces the most per capita has a celebrations thrown in their honor where they are presented with the traveling trophy and awarded many fabulous prizes!

Solar Transpired Air

In the fall of 2013, Bemidji State University had its first Solar Transpired Air installation on campus! Solar Transpired Air is black metal cladding with holes that is attached over the fresh air intake vent on the Lower Union. Cold fresh air goes through the holes and is heating from the suns rays before going into the heating system. The efficient technology reduces BSU's dependence on fossil fuels to heat our buildings.

Cold Tub

The Athletic Dept. came to the Sustainability Office about their inefficiencies with water use for ice baths for the athletes. Two students were then tasked to look into the problem and find possible solutions. After researching what resources are used, they settled on a product called Cold Tub. The Cold Tub uses around one-hundred gallons every four months, saving thousands of gallons every month. It also uses less than a tenth the energy to run as our conventional ice machine used to cool the tap water. With water and energy cheap in our area, we must still be good environmental stewards and conserve our resources when and where we can.

"Environmentalism does not come in any one shape, size, or look and it is also about protecting people in the places where they live, work, and rear families."
~ Lisa Jackson (EPA Administrator for Sierra Club)