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This University Archives and Special Collections website ( is currently under construction. Additional electronic resources will be added periodically.


Currently, the University Archives and Special Collections website includes 82 folders of images, a total of 3263 individual scanned photographs, including the complete Bemidji State College yearbooks (the 1951 Beaver and the 1957-1971 Ah-Mic). Sixteen folders contain 2,308 yearbook pages, at 2.29 gigabits. The remaining sixty-six consist of 954 photographs (945 megabits) of the university and the community.

Most of the images are in JPG format, but a few larger TIF images (as originally scanned) will also be found. TIF images are larger and may not preview properly (this will depend on your computer), but can be accessed full-size and copied. JPG images are smaller than TIFs, will preview as thumbnails, and can be magnified to their actual size with a single mouse click. Note that smaller photographs and print material (the BSC yearbooks) were done deliberately at a lower resolution.

To select and view an image, simply click on the appropriate description(s) on the index page. In the case of the year books, individual pages constitute individual images. Click on the opened photographs to change their size. To download images, right click and SAVE IMAGE AS. Once downloaded, images can be further edited, cropped, magnified, or otherwise enhanced using any graphics program.

The material on this website is copyright free and can be viewed and downloaded without restriction. Campus agencies in particular are urged to consult the material available here before contacting the University Archives for individual photographs. A large number of the usable positive prints located in the University Archives have been included here: requests not met by the more than 3000 images on this page probably cannot be met with what remains un-scanned in the University Archives.

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June, 2009


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