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ENVR 2000 Introduction to Environmental Science (3 credits)

An introduction to environmental science emphasizing biological, physical-chemical and cross-cultural environmental social principles underlying major world environmental, political and economic issues; examination of the impacts of human activities and technology on global environmental and socio-economic stability; application of critical thinking and working with graphic skills and lab-like data analysis related to global environmental, biological, physical-chemical, cultural, and socio-economic topics. Liberal Education Goal Areas 3 & 8.
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ENVR 3920 DGS: Seminar in Environmental Controversies (2 credits)

When taken as Environmental Controversies Seminar, the following description applies: Faculty and student presentations followed by group discussion of classic and current problems, and governmental policies/regulations. Prerequisite: ENVR 2000 or consent of instructor.
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ENVR 4050 Geochemistry (3 credits)

Study of processes in the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere; cycling of the elements; weathering; microbe-mineral interactions; nanoparticles; microscopic imaging. Prerequisites: CHEM 1112 or CHEM 2212 or ENVR 2000 or GEOL 1110 or consent of instructor.
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ENVR 4200 Wastewater Treatment (3 credits)

Introduction to the operation of the principal methods and treatment processes of municipal and industrial wastewaters, and for the disposal of treated effluent and sludges, and other solid materials. Integration of fundamental principles of science with different aspects of sanitary technology. Prerequisites: BIOL 1212, CHEM 1112 or CHEM 2212, MATH 1170, or consent of instructor. BIOL 1212 is not required for Chemistry majors.
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ENVR 4210 Environmental Law and Policy (3 credits)

Overview of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
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ENVR 4400 Environmental Microbiology (3 credits)

Fundamental aspects of microbiology as related to land production, environmental pollution and water quality control processes. The role of major groups of microbes as pollutants, as purifying agents, and as agents of biochemical changes, and ecological functions and importance of each group in the environment. Prerequisites: BIOL 1110 or BIOL 1120 or CHEM 1112 or CHEM 2212 or consent of instructor.
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ENVR 4500 Environmental Toxicology (4 credits)

An overview of major environmental pollutants, their transport, fate and toxicology. Pollutant effects studied from practical and theoretical focus on stress at various levels of biological organization. Prerequisites: BIOL 1212, BIOL 2610, and CHEM 1112 or CHEM 2212, or consent of instructor.
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ENVR 4920 Directed Group Study: Senior Seminar (1 credits)

A series of 2 seminars (1 credit each) will explore 1) the environmental job market and graduate school opportunities (Fall), and 2) current environmental issues/literature (Spring). Prerequisites: Senior status; Environmental Studies major, and ENVR 3920.
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