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SPCM 1090 Interpersonal Communication (2 credits)

Oral communication as it relates to human interaction between individuals within small groups. Liberal Education Goal Areas 7 & 9
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SPCM 1100 Public Speaking (3 credits)

Emphasizes the preparation and delivery of speeches, but students also learn fundamental principles of oral communication. Small group discussion and a variety of training activities prepare each student to give 4-6 speeches. The oral communication lab is used as a support facility for the preparation of speeches. Liberal Education Goal Areas 6 & 11
Common Course Outline

SPCM 2100 Special Topics in Oral Communication (2 credits)

Applied topics provide customized training and discussion. Students learn a variety of skills, from interviewing to delivering a manuscript speech. Visits to the oral communication lab are an important supplement to the course. Prerequisite: THSP 1090 and THSP 1100, or consent of instructor. Liberal Education Goal Areas 6 & ll (Might not be offered every year)
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SPCM 2150 Small Group Communication (2 credits)

Students discover by participation how to negotiate membership, resolve conflict, and maintain order through a variety of means and in a variety of venues. Might not be offered every year.
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SPCM 2800 Listening (2 credits)

Students explore, by extensive practice and close observation, the many features of listening. They learn how listening communicates. Includes a service learning component. The oral communication lab augments the classroom learning. Might not be offered every year. Liberal Education Goal Areas 6 & 11
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SPCM 2925 People and the Environment: Communication Perspective (3 credits)

Environmental issues currently being considered in legislative and public venues as they relate to communicating those issues. Students learn how to present information, argue a case, and debate the opposition as they discover their voices and the voice of the environmentalist. Liberal Education Goal Area 10
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