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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

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CS 5298 Compiler Construction (3 credits)

The theory, design, and construction of a compiler. Prerequisite: CS 5528.
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CS 5350 Event-Driven Programming in a Windows Environment (3 credits)

Use of a language suitable for creating event-driven programs while focusing on methodology suitable for developing event handlers in windows-oriented programs.
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CS 5360 Software Engineering (3 credits)

A project-based course that focuses on software design issues. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
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CS 5390 Social, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Computing (3 credits)

Features strategies for analyzing the social, ethical, and professional implications of issues and decisions that computing professionals might encounter. Those strategies are practiced and refined in a variety of areas of concern for computing. Prerequisites: At least one 5000- or 6000-level CS course.
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CS 5507 Introduction to Databases (3 credits)

Provides an introduction to the theory and use of modern database systems, with particular focus on SQL, the relational data model, and relational database design.
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CS 5528 Data Structures and Algorithms (4 credits)

Study of advanced abstract information storage structures, including priority queues, binary trees, generalized trees, and graphs. Study of algorithm development techniques, including divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
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CS 5560 Data Communication and Networks (3 credits)

Principles of data communications as applied to modern computer networks.
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CS 5627 Theory of Computation (3 credits)

Explores the theoretic roots and limits of computing. Prerequisite: MATH 5210.
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CS 5840 Operating Systems (3 credits)

Fundamentals of operating system design with emphasis on at least one modern operating system. Topics include scheduling, memory management, paging, file management, and mutual exclusion. Required work will include programming investigations. Prerequisite: CS 5528.
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