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PHED 4970 Internship (1-12 credits)

When taken as practicum in athletic coaching, the following description applies: Application of the principles and practices in athletic coaching. A 30 hour practical coaching experience under the guidance and supervision of a licensed coach. This practicum must be conducted at the high school level. Appropriate forms must be filed with the department chairperson. Prerequisites: Completion of at least 70 percent of Physical Education Major or Coaching Specialist Program or consent of instructor. When taken as practicum in D/APE, the following description applies: Observation of and participation in physical education instruction for students pre-K--12 with disabilities. Includes seminar component for discussion of current issues, ideas, and problems in developmental/adapted physical education. Required: A minimum of 30 practicum hours per credit. Prerequisites: BIOL 2110, PHED 2100, PHED 3100, PHED 4500, PHED 4211. When taken as Sport Management internship, the following description applies: Sport management majors are required to complete a field experience that is relevant to their career goals. The internship needs to provide an opportunity for the student to apply the different theories and concepts learned from class in a practical setting through: observation, planning, decision-making, committee work, leadership, operation management, individual projects, and group projects. Required: 400 hours for 12 credit internship to meet accreditation guidelines. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. When taken as Practicum in Physical Education Teaching, the following description applies: A supervised experience in teaching K-10 students in physical education. Emphasis is on meeting the Minnesota Board of Teaching requirements for physical education majors. Required: A minimum of 30 practicum hours per credit. Prerequisite: PHED 3505 and PHED 3604. PRACTICUM IN OUTDOOR EDUCATION (1-6 credits) Students complete and are evaluated on a directed outdoor, wilderness, or adventure education work experience at the BSU Outdoor Program Center, Lake Bemidji State Park, or Deep Portage Environmental Learning Center. Other sites may be allowed, but prior approval must be obtained from the Outdoor Education Minor practicum advisor. Students also participate in a weekly practicum seminar during the semester they complete their practicum. During the practicum, students present a program, lesson, or activity to the other students. These presentations allow students to critique each other and learn from other practicum experiences. Required: A minimum of 30 practicum hours per credit. Prerequisite: Completion of all other Outdoor Education Minor requirements or concurrent enrollment in any remaining requirements.
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