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Updated 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of International Studies

The International Studies (IS) program seeks to promote awareness and knowledge of the global community and its component cultures/nations and to encourage an appreciation of other peoples. More specifically, an interdisciplinary curriculum provides a) an understanding of the validity of these diverse cultures and societies, b) an appreciation of the history and structure of, and contemporary challenges facing, these cultures and societies, c) an awareness of the causes and consequences of increased economic, environmental, political, and social interdependence, and d) competence in a second language.

Students interested in pursuing the IS major are encouraged to consider a second major or a minor in a related field, the content of which would complement the international skills and perspectives acquired through the IS major. To coordinate IS coursework with Liberal Education and work in any other major or minor field, students should contact an IS advisor early in their academic career.

Career Directions

In addition to graduate study, majors have career options in both the public and private sectors. Specific opportunities may depend on the student’s choice of a second major or minor.


Recommended High School Courses
Political Science