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Updated 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Philosophy


The name of philosophy translates literally to ‘love of wisdom.’ Wisdom, as opposed to any sort of specialized knowledge, is the ability to discern what sorts of knowledge and skills lead to a better life for individuals and communities. The pursuit a good life requires individuals and communities to subject their priorities to careful scrutiny. Philosophy promotes a thoughtful engagement with the world around us through a careful analysis of the problems that confront us on a daily basis.


Bemidji State University’s philosophy program emphasizes the history of philosophy and applied ethics. We examine closely how current debates in politics, law, religion, and the arts are grounded in longstanding theoretical debates. In our program, students are taught to read, write, and speak on those debates. In this way, students will develop knowledge and skills applicable to public service, law school, human rights, public policy, the arts, and religious leadership training.

Career Directions

Higher Education
Nonprofit Organizations
Public Service
Also: Graduate Study


Recommended High School Courses
Critical Thinking
Debate Recommended Activity