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Updated 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Goal Area 6: Humanities and the Arts


    Two courses
    Five credits


To expand students' knowledge of the human condition and human cultures, especially in relation to behavior, ideas, and values expressed in works of human imagination and thought. Through study in disciplines such as literature, philosophy, and the fine arts, students will engage in critical analysis, form aesthetic judgments, and develop an appreciation of the arts and humanities as fundamental to the health and survival of any society. Students should have experiences in both the arts and humanities.
Critical Thinking

The practice of critical thinking skills essential to the humanities and the arts, including analysis, ability to seek out a variety of interpretations and perspectives, skill at recognizing and articulating the value assumptions made by ourselves and others.
Student Competencies

Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities.
  • understand those works as expressions of individual and human values within an historical and social context.
  • respond critically to works in the arts and humanities.
  • engage in the creative process or interpretive performance.
  • articulate an informed personal reaction to works in the arts and humanities.

Courses that satisfy this goal area include

    ARTH 2551 Art History Survey I (4 credits)
    ARTH 2552 Art History Survey II (4 credits)
    ENGL 2190 Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credits)
    ENGL 2250 Understanding Literature (3 credits)
    ENGL 2340 The American Film (3 credits)
    ENGL 2350 American Literature, to 1865 (3 credits)
    ENGL 2355 American Literature, 1865 to Present (3 credits)
    ENGL 2357 British and World Drama (3 credits)
    ENGL 2358 British and World Poetry (3 credits)
    ENGL 2359 British and World Prose (3 credits)
    ENGL 2410 Myth (3 credits)
    HUM 1100 Human Culture and Ideas (3 credits)
    HUM 2160 Polynesian and Native Hawaiian Culture: Hawaii Field Projects (1-3 credits)
    INST 3888 Indigenous Women Writers (3 credits)
    INTL 2200 International Study Experience - Humanities (1-3 credits)
    MUS 1100 Introduction to Music (3 credits)
    MUS 1120 Introduction to Folk, Jazz, and Rock Music (2 credits)
    MUS 2110 World Music (2 credits)
    MUS 2710 Symphonic Band (1-2 credits)
    MUS 3120 The History of Jazz (2 credits)
    MUS 3130 The History of Rock and Roll (3 credits)
    MUS 3801 History and Literature of Music I (3 credits)
    MUS 3802 History and Literature of Music II (3 credits)
    MUS 4710 Wind Ensemble (1-2 credits)
    OJIB 1100 Ojibwe Culture (4 credits)
    OJIB 3213 Ojibwe Oral Literature (4 credits)
    PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 2220 Ethics (3 credits)
    PHIL 2240 Aesthetics (3 credits)
    PHIL 2250 Human Nature (3 credits)
    PHIL 2260 Women and Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 2310 Philosophy in Literature (3 credits)
    PHIL 2330 Philosophies of Non-Violence (3 credits)
    PHIL 3310 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 3320 Modern Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 3330 Nineteenth Century Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 3340 Twentieth-Century Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 3360 Asian Philosophy (3 credits)
    PHIL 3390 Marxist Philosophy (3 credits)
    SPCM 2100 Special Topics in Oral Communication (2 credits)
    SPCM 2800 Listening (2 credits)
    TADD 1440 Design and Drawing Foundations (4 credits)
    TADD 3450 History of Modern Design (4 credits)
    TADD 3648 Color Theory (4 credits)
    TADD 3649 Introduction to Painting (4 credits)
    TADD 3748 Ceramics/Hand Building (4 credits)
    TADD 3749 Ceramics/Wheel (4 credits)
    All-University course numbers 1954 and 2954 are available to any department for use as study-travel courses, subject to approval, and will satisfy this goal area.