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Updated 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

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LEAD 3500 Theories and Contexts of Leadership (3 credits)

Classic and contemporary theories of leadership and methods of study are discussed along with their strengths and weaknesses. Students will learn leadership theories and applications of those ideas, will evaluate themselves on the factors associated with ethical leadership, will identify their own leadership style and skills as well as ways to become leader-citizens. Liberal Education Goal Area 9.
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LEAD 4000 Capstone in Leadership Studies (3 credits)

Leadership coursework thus far has explored questions regarding who we are as people, how we live together, and how we effect change. In this course, students put their leadership knowledge and skills into action through the synthesis of relevant concepts and experiences to formulate their own informed perspective on leadership in contemporary society. Students will develop and implement a research or action-based project with some aspect of leadership as a focus. Prerequisites: PHIL 2220 and LEAD 3500. Students enrolled in Certificate in Leadership Studies or in Minor in Leadership Studies should have completed all elective requirements prior to LEAD 4000. Concurrent enrollment in elective requirements only permitted with permission of Director of Leadership Studies.
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