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Updated 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

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SOWK 4970 Internship (6-12 credits)

A 480-hour placement in a public or private social service organization, this internship is a senior capstone course focused on integrating practice experience with theory. Students are expected to demonstrate their social work knowledge, values, and skills through hands-on experience. Students will also participate in a seminar to discuss their internship experiences at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice. Prerequisites: Completion of all courses in the major with a 2.50 GPA in the major and a C or better is all courses with a social work prefix (SOWK). Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. When taken as Internship in Chemical Dependency the following description applies. An 880-hour internship prepares students to complete the Alcohol and Drug Counselor certificate in preparation for applying for licensure in Minnesota. Students are placed in chemical dependency agencies and are evaluated in terms of their knowledge and skills in the 12 core functions. Prerequisites: Requires completion of all courses in the certificate with a 2.50 GPA in the certificate.
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