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Updated 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Individualized Studies, B.S.

Individualized Studies, B.S. major


Upon successful completion of 72 semester credits, students may apply for the B.S. in Individualized Studies degree program.

Following the initial inquiry, students are required to contact the Advising Success Center to set up an appointment to discuss the requirements and admission process for this degree program.  For information on the steps all students in the B.S. in Individualized Studies degree program must complete, please click on this link (Individualized Studies Degree Program Process).

Students who have successfully completed 72 semester credits and who have an interest in the Bachelor of Science in Individualized Studies degree program must submit an application through the Advising Success Center. The application must address the following points:

1.    A statement of understanding about the freedom of choice associated with this degree;
2.    A statement of future plans to use this degree for personal growth, further study, employment, or other purposes;
3.    An outline of a projected course of study and date of graduation.

The application is reviewed by the Individualized Studies program admission committee which is made up of the department chairs from the departments of  1) Criminal Justice, 2) Human Performance, Sport, and Health, 3) Professional Education, 4) Psychology, and 5) Social Work in the College of Health Sciences and Human Ecology, or the department chairs from 1) Accounting, 2) Business Administration, 3) Mass Communication, and 4) Technology, Art, and Design from the College of Business, Technology, and Communication.; dependent upon the college in which the majority of the courses of the proposed program are offered. When the application is approved, the student may declare the Individualized Studies degree program.

Individualized Studies Advising Worksheet
The credits for the Individualized Studies major may be distributed in various ways.  For example:
•    Broad distribution across the two colleges.
•    Concentration in various areas of interest, including minors.
•    Organization in a formal program of study of one or more major themes, such as critical thinking, career focus, science, and technology.

Required Credits: 45
Required GPA: 2.25




The degree program requires completion of 44 semester credits in the student's choice of courses from the following disciplines at the 3000-4000 level, and a one credit capstone course from one of the following disciplines excluding Psychology and Social Work, with a 2.25 minimum GPA.

Students may complete a 6-12 credit internship or applicable work experience as a part of the 45 credits required at the 3000-4000 level in the following disciplines excluding Psychology and Social Work.

Business Administration
Mass Communication
Technology, Art and Design
Criminal Justice
Human Performance, Sport and Health
Professional Education
Social Work

Students eligible to declare Individualized Studies as their bachelor's degree program of study must have completed a minimum of 72 semester credits.



Freshman & Sophomore Years

  • Liberal Education
  • General Electives

Junior & Senior Years

  • Indivdiualized Studies
  • General Electives