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HLTH 4970 Internship (1-12 credits)

When taken for the Community Health major the following description applies: Students will gain field experience in a health related facility relevant to specific career goals. Opportunities will exist for the student to apply the different concepts and theories from course work directly in the work setting through observation, planning, decision-making, committee participation, leadership, operation management, and individual and group projects. Required: A minimum of 30 practicum hours per credit. Prerequisite: completion of all health course work and degree requirements. When taken as the Secondary Health Teaching Practicum, the following description applies: A 30-hour practicum in which students have the opportunity to teach health lessons, assist health teachers deliver health instruction, observe health teachers deliver health instruction, read to students, listen to students read, tutor students, and perform other duties as required by the BOT Standards and requested by the health teacher. Prerequisite: Entrance into the teacher education program or consent of instructor.
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