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PHED 4970 Internship (1-12 credits)

When taken as practicum in athletic coaching, the following description applies: Application of the principles and practices in athletic coaching. A 30 hour practical coaching experience under the guidance and supervision of a licensed coach. This practicum must be conducted at the high school level. Appropriate forms must be filed with the department chairperson. Prerequisites: Completion of at least 70 percent of Physical Education Major or Coaching Specialist Program or consent of instructor. When taken as Internship in Exercise Science, the following description applies: This course is for the purpose of providing a supervised field internship experience in an exercise, fitness, and/or wellness-related setting, including hospitals, corporations, private fitness-facilities, and governmental agencies. Or, the internship may take the form of a special project or research on a topic relevant to exercise science. Prior approval must be obtained from the student's internship advisor. A journal, written paper, and/or oral presentation is to be presented following the learning experience. The student is expected to complete 30 hours per credit. Prerequisites: PHED 4160 and PHED 4170, or consent of instructor. When taken as Sport Management internship, the following description applies: Sport management majors are required to complete a field experience that is relevant to their career goals. The internship needs to provide an opportunity for the student to apply the different theories and concepts learned from class in a practical setting through: observation, planning, decision-making, committee work, leadership, operation management, individual projects, and group projects. Required: 400 hours for 12 credit internship to meet accreditation guidelines. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. When taken as Practicum in Physical Education Teaching, the following description applies: A supervised experience in teaching K-10 students in physical education. Emphasis is on meeting the Minnesota Board of Teaching requirements for physical education majors. Required: A minimum of 30 practicum hours per credit. Prerequisite: PHED 3505 and PHED 3604.
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