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Updated 2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of History

History is the record of past events, including the stories of societies and individual people whose acts, whether noble, common, or foolish, altered the way people lived. Historians study and analyze history in order to appreciate and understand the past, to bring perspective to the present, and to plan for the future.

The History curriculum includes historical foundation courses in World and American history, and addresses national and international topics and issues through specialized courses from the ancient and medieval world to the present. Course offerings include a variety of courses in social, intellectual, and political history.

History majors are encouraged to study a second language and to travel and study either domestically or abroad. A bachelor's degree in history is excellent preparation for graduate study or further professional study (law, medicine, business, or seminary).

Note: The State of Minnesota does not grant a separate license for teaching history at the secondary level. Students wishing to teach history in secondary schools should complete the Social Studies major, B.S., teacher licensure and may choose a minor or a second major in History.

Career Directions

Government Service
Historical Society Consultant/Director
Intelligence Data Analyst
International Service Officer
Law, Medicine, and Other Professions
Legislative Researcher
Library Science
Museum Curator
Also: Graduate Study


Recommended High School Courses