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Updated 2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Policies

Academic Year

Bemidji State University functions on an academic semester system consisting of fall and spring semesters of approximately sixteen (16) weeks each, and a summer term. Credits earned during summer term may be applied toward the fulfillment of degree requirements.

Exceptions and Course Substitutions

Any student who has cause to request an exception and/or course substitution to existing academic requirements must fill out the appropriate form to initiate the request. Students requesting an exception should submit a petition to the Student Programs and Admissions (SPA) Committee. Students requesting a course substitution should fill out a Course Substitution Form. The student's advisor and department chair should sign the form.

The Substitute/Transfer Equivalency Form and Academic Petition Form are available online at (under "Forms") and at the Records and Registration Office and must be returned to that office after the appropriate signatures have been secured.

Withdrawal from School

Complete withdrawal from all courses must be finished prior to the withdrawal deadline published in the   Academic Calendar, except in hardship cases.   

A "W" grade is assigned when students formally withdraw from a course for which they are financially responsible.

Failure to withdraw officially will result in "F" grades.

For refund information, see  Tuition and Fees.

Withdrawal may require repayment of financial aid and/or GI Bill payments and reassessment of eligibility. For return to the University see "Readmission of Former Students" under the Admissions webpage.

Instructions for Complete Withdrawal from School

If you are withdrawing from ALL of your classes, you are advised to complete the following steps:

If you would like to speak to a counselor or faculty member about any academic or personal circumstances related to your withdrawal:
You are encouraged to stop by the Student Center for Health & Counseling in Cedar Hall 1st floor or call 755-2053 to set up a confidential meeting, or contact your academic advisor.

If you live in the residence halls and/or have a meal plan:
Contact Residential Life in Walnut Hall, 755-3750, to terminate your Residential Life Contract and receive directions for proper checkout procedures.

If you received any type of financial aid:
Contact the Financial Aid Office in Deputy 114, 755-2034, to address the following: 1) repayment of aid received if you are withdrawing prior to 60% of the term being completed; 2) your eligibility for future financial aid when you return to school; and 3) exit student loan information.

If you received a Perkins Loan:
Contact the Loan Repayment Office in Deputy 203, 755-2095, for an exit interview and to update your Perkins Loan information. Knowing your rights and responsibilities in relation to this loan may help you in future funding and enrollment.

All students withdrawing must:
Contact the Cashier’s Office in Deputy 202, 755-2046, to determine if you are to receive a refund or if a financial aid repayment is necessary.

Finally, you must withdraw from all your classes prior to the last day to withdraw as published in the semester class schedule by:
Web Registration: Go to the BSU homepage ( under myBSU, then MNSCU E-Services.

Questions? Need assistance? Check out the last few pages of the class schedule for further information or stop by the Records and Registration Office, Deputy 101, or the Office of Student Development and Enrollment, Deputy 313.