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Updated 2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog

PDF of Humanities Courses

HUM 1100 Human Culture and Ideas (3 credits)

An examination of the different forms of cultural expression in diverse societies, and contemporary approaches to their contextual study and interpretation. Liberal Education Goal Areas 6 & 8.
Common Course Outline

HUM 1101 Acting and Performance studies: Creative Analysis, Listening, and Empathy (3 credits)

An introductory level course (for students of all majors) intended to engage students in the study of theatrical acting and social performance, alongside careful textual and written analysis, as a means to reach deeper understandings of the humanities and arts and the usefulness of these fields in today's technically-driven, information-based world. Liberal Education Goal Area 6.
Common Course Outline

HUM 2107 Themes in Cultural History (3 credits)

Study of a particular theme or central human issue in a variety of historical settings through the close analysis of various cultural documents and practices. May be repeated under distinct subtitles. (Might not be offered every year.)
Common Course Outline

HUM 2150 Hawaiian Monarchy and the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement: Field Projects (1-3 credits)

Topics exploring the roots of the modern Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement as founded upon two major elements: the history of the Hawaiian Monarchy, and the traditional notion of Native Hawaiian lands. Aspects of Native Hawaiian culture as underpinnings for the governance of Hawaii pre-1893 and for the modern disputes about governance and land arrangements. Aspects of Native Hawaiian culture and the Hawaiian Monarchy as they project into the various social movements advocating for Hawaiian Sovereignty today. Liberal Education Goal Areas 5 & 7.
Common Course Outline

HUM 2160 Polynesian and Native Hawaiian Culture: Hawaii Field Projects (1-3 credits)

Polynesian and Native Hawaiian culture and the renaissance of pride and practice in these cultures in Hawaii and the Pacific Island region. Aspects of culture, religion, and traditional practices that are part of this cultural renaissance, particularly art, music, and values. Relation of this deepening sense of cultural identity to the growing influence of Polynesians and Native Hawaiians in global and U.S. affairs. Evaluation of the importance of and methods for sustaining indigenous cultures into the future. Liberal Education Goal Areas 6 & 8.
Common Course Outline

HUM 3107 Topics in Cultural Studies (1-4 credits)

Interdisciplinary study of a particular historical or contemporary culture. Contact the Humanities Coordinator for current or expected topic areas. May be repeated under distinct subtitles. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (Might not be offered every year.)
Common Course Outline

HUM 4920 Directed Group Study (3 credits)

When taken as Senior Seminar the following description may apply: An integrative seminar involving readings, discussions, and student presentations centering on the study and articulation of relationships between disciplines. A problem, event, movement or concept will be used as the focus of the course. Designed for senior year.
Common Course Outline

HUM 4990 Thesis (3 credits)

A thesis written by the student that reports extensive original research carried out by the student and demonstrates appropriate methodology and scholarship.
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