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ED 3000 Introduction to FasTrack (1 credits)

This course provides a comprehensive evaluation of the professional and academic experiences of aspiring teacher candidates. Transcripts and professional data are reviewed. Once the evaluation is completed, the student will work with the instructor to create an individualized program plan that leads to teacher licensure. Students are introduced to the concept of professional reflection based on the Standards of Effective practice. Student concerns and questions are addressed as well as an introduction to D2L and online learning. Discussions around the four components of the Professional Education Conceptual Framework in the areas of environmental awareness, technology, proficiency in teaching and collaboration occur via D2L. An introduction to TaskStream and its relation to the documenting of the Standards of Effective practice is provided. The cost for reviewing transcripts is waived for candidates who enroll in this course. This course is required before taking any other courses in the FasTrack program. Prerequisite: An earned bachelor's degree.
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